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If we listened to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair.
We'd never have a friendship.
We'd never go into business, because we'd be cynical.
You've got to jump off cliffs all the time,
and build your wings on the way down.

Ray Bradbury

Welcome to buildyourwings. The name is taken from the quote above, which I thought was good because not only is it quirky and inspiring, it's also from a science-fiction author (Ray Bradbury). The community is for those of us trying to figure out how to live life without a soul-sucking job, particularly through large- or small-scale entrepreneurship. If you write novels, do freelance editing, create jewelry, resell yard-sale finds on Ebay, catsit, run a bookstore, operating a franchise, or just dream of doing something along these lines, join up. Pooled creativity and a supportive network can help us figure out how to pull off this revolution!

Do not post affiliate, MLM, or other such services here. You will be banned and reported for spamming.

- If you want to introduce yourself, do it in a new post so it'll be easy for everyone to see. Please include your website, Ebay ID, Cafepress shop, etc. information, so I can list it below.

- If you have suggestions for books or links, whether they're specific (packing jewelry to sell) or general (getting organized), please share.

- You may make promotional posts no more often than once every two months. Please make an effort to participate rather than only promoting your business. If your only posts consist of promotions, you will be removed from the community.

- Do not post large or animated images (besides user icons) without both
1) A "lj-cut" (see the LJ FAQ for instructions)
2) A note of explanation

- Please respect others in the community.


CalGold for California residents--neat quiz for what kind of permits you need
ForWriters is a collection of writing articles, etc. (also available as an RSS feed, see below)
Absolute Write, for all kinds of writers
Sellathon, an Ebay tool
the US government's site for small businesses (Got one in your country? Send me the link!)
Barbara Winter's site for being "joyfully jobless"
Craig's List for job listings, barter ads, etc., in various cities across the world
Yahoo! Auctions
Vistaprint--Low-cost business cards, postcards, etc.
Snapfish--Low-cost photo-based postcards, calendars, etc.
Cafepress--On-demand custom merchandise.
Online Writing Workshop for sf, fantasy, horror, romance, and general fiction.
Essortment's How-tos for entrepreneurs
Online Women's Business Center (hardly gender-specific at all)
iVillage--work from home ideas
Work At Home Mom is also not all that gender-specific
IdeaCafe for small business owners
Nolo legal advice (free) and books (for sale)
Creative Commons licensing system for all forms of art
About.com's entrepreneur section--lots of articles
SpringWise has a newsletter full of ideas that have worked for others
Written Road has travel-writing news and advice

Flee the Hive
poor_skills: Alternative income tips and low-income coping skills
forwriters: Excellent compilation of articles and essays on writing, from the theoretical to the very nuts-and-bolts
hip_domestics: for LJers "who love their home and activities involving life at home"
diyrevolution: politically-conscious DIY
motivationquote: 4 motivating quotes a day (if you're into that sort of thing)
researchbuzz: research news. Surprisingly useful.
macfixit: for Mac users
creativecommons: CC news
forwriters: news for writers

Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways For Creating Work That You Love by Barbara Winter
How to Survive Without a Salary: Learning How to Live the Conserver Lifestyle by Charles Long
The Crafts Business Answer Book & Resource Guide: Answers to Hundreds of Troublesome Questions About Starting, Marketing, and Managing a Homebased Business Efficiently, Legally, and Profitably by Barara Brabec
Your Crafts Business: A Legal Guide from Nolo Press

widowspeak's handmade soaps, candles, and more: Dancing Panda Soapworks
lindalee_'s jewelry:lindaleestudio.etsy.com
jenniferward does book reviews (including business books) at Jenn's Books
lunesse makes glass art: Juice Glass.
elegant_emily's crocheting site: Hook Me Up Crochet
sage_and_sea does custom cross-stitch (see userinfo); "joco90" on eBay
cissa's site: electriccelt.com; and CafePress store, Electric Celt
Info about reannon's new book, Nocturnal Urges, can be found at www.elizabethdonald.com .
thespian's sites: sleepingcat.com, Conscious Design, and Wedbug Wedding Sites; and Cafepress store, Al Franken Has a Posse.
kirylin's website, Tapestry Designs; "tapestrydesigns" on eBay; and CafePress shops, Tapestry Designs and Kirylin's Voice
ragani's website, www.ragani.com/henna
arianadii's website, arianadii.com, and Ebay page, as arianadii
quizro's website, rockettscience.com, and CafePress store, Crankdemons
eudaimonia's Ebay page (as jlcullum) and website, thedreamingplace.com
judywatt's website, www.judywatt.com (art and photography)
rootie_kazootie's Ebay page (as paper-wait)
dafydd's website, www.blackrockvideo.com (videography)
keptwench's website, www.medievalgarb.com (coming soon)
linithiliel's Ebay page (as galialar)
hominysnark's website, www.f-bod.com (various), and Cafepress store
wintersweet's website, www.sharedwing.net and Cafepress store